Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have [name of artwork] available as a print?

A: Almost all of my artwork can be purchased as a print. Just ask me if you see something you like but don't see a price underneath it. Due to image resolution issues some of my work may not be available in larger sizes, but if enough people ask I may find a way around it or take some time to recreate the image. Additionally, if you'd like to see variations of an image (with borders and text, for example, or in different aspect ratios), feel free to let me know; I aim to please.

Q: How do I pay you?

A: For business commissions, I prefer net 30 or on delivery. I will consider signing a contract for royalties so long as I get paid monthly or quarterly and have the option to audit. Please see my rate sheet for more information, or contact me.

For personal commissions, my preferred method is up front, but if for some reason you're unable to pay that way, I'm willing to set up a payment schedule of thirds—a third up front, a third upon approval of the preliminary sketch, and a third upon the delivery of the final file or image. For long-time or returning clients, I can set up a more lenient pay plan.

For prints, payments must always be made first as they cover the cost of making the prints themselves. The preferred method is through PayPal (click on the prices underneath the image you want to purchase), but if that is not an option for you, contact me for alternative methods.

I accept checks and money orders, but unless you are a company with a large commission and a reputable accounts payable department, I cannot promise a quick turn-around time for payments made in this way. Please see my rate sheet for more information, or contact me.

Checks can be mailed to:

PO BOX 7728

Credit card payments can be made through:

Q: Do you sign your artwork?

A: Unless otherwise indicated, the answer is no. The prints are made outside of California and shipped directly to you, so it would be impossible for me to personally sign it. I do, however, send thank you notes with smaller copies of the purchased prints, which I print on my own ink jet printer and sign personally.

Q: How do you do your artwork?

A: I typically do the black and white cartoons by hand, first with pencil, then with a Jimnie Gel rollerball pen or a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point permanent marker. Then I scan them as line art at 600 dpi.

I usually do the flat color cartoons (as well as some of the more stylized black and white cartoons) in Adobe Illustrator. Sometimes I start with a scanned sketch and digitally trace it; other times I work completely within Illustrator itself.

I do the more 3D/air-brushed/textured color cartoons mostly in Adobe Photoshop. Scanned sketches act as blueprints, and the final images develop after a lot of tracing, coloring, and manipulating. I may sometimes use Illustrator for masks and digital photos for some of the textures, but 99% of the work is done within Photoshop itself, with heavy use of a Wacom Graphire pen and tablet set.

More on my techniques can be found in the resources section of the site.

Q: What type of paper do you use for your prints?

A: Images are printed on Fugicolor Crystal Archive photographic paper. The archival qualities of the actual printing process is 50+ years, before fading may occur. This is the same process found at better pro-labs.

I send glossy prints by default unless it's a framed print, in which case I send a lustre print; however, if you have a preference for matte prints, let me know when you order.

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